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The Funhouse of the Body
Stuff Weekly! - The Funhouse of the Body
New Show | Ep361 | Feb 20, 2018
In episode 361: We discuss Amber's future podcast and, by listener request, we give some music suggestions. We also discuss a twist to butt smuggli... more
10 Piece. 2 Play. Can't Lose
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - 10 Piece. 2 Play. Can't Lose
New Show | Ep126 | Feb 15, 2018
This week we take on Advergames! Matt drops the beats to drop some beasts in Skrillex Quest and then he weather a storm of bullets in Duty Calls! C... more
Avian Prison Industrial Complex
Stuff Weekly! - Avian Prison Industrial Complex
New Show | Ep360 | Feb 13, 2018
In episode 360: We discuss sickness, the movie Winchester, and Matt's best work story ever. We also discuss a plethora of food stories ranging from... more
Ugh, It's So Beautiful. I Wish I Was in a Maze Right Now.
Stuff Weekly! - Ugh, It's So Beautiful. I Wish I Was in a Maze Right Now.
New Show | Ep359 | Feb 06, 2018
In episode 359: Nikki is stuck in Pennsylvania, Matt wins a big honor, and Cody sees and spoils the Maze Runner. We also discuss how you can now pa... more
Batman Has a Taste for Murder (And He Loves It)
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Batman Has a Taste for Murder (And He Loves It)
New Show | Ep125 | Feb 01, 2018
This week we play SUPERHERO GAMES! Nikki reintroduces us to Lizzie and Dana and their incredible, riveting 12 issue arc in Maximum Carnage! Cody gi... more
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Ydoc Nameloc
The Forum Is Down, but Ynin Keeps Kicking
2018-01-24 | by: Ydoc Nameloc
Man, I am fairly terrible at remembering the blog element of this site. Anyway, I just wanted to update that the site is still kicking with weekly updates despite a fairly long distance between blog posts. I am currently investigating some behind the scenes stuff to give us a new design and maybe even a new web host. In the meantime, you can listen to and watch hundreds of hours of content in our podcast section with new stuff being added every week. Additionally, you can take plenty of our old quizzes in our quiz section!

Unfortunately, as some of you have noticed, the forum did have to be taken down. Spammers took it over one too many times and this time it appeared impossible to clear out all of the damage they did. To make a long story short, it had become a problem and was starting to irk our hosts to the point where either the forums had to go or the site had to come down. While I did choose the former, I'm hoping to include some form of replacement when we make the transition to our new style and home. I just have to figure out what exactly that will be.

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