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We Would Like to Assasinate Jean Grey, If Possible
Stuff Weekly! - We Would Like to Assasinate Jean Grey, If Possible
New Show | Ep331 | Jun 13, 2017
In episode 331: We discuss the new Mummy movie (no spoilers), and Nikki has a very scary experience with her dog. We also discuss a school that has... more
Ollie Over the Bum and Get 250 Simba Bux
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Ollie Over the Bum and Get 250 Simba Bux
New Show | Ep110 | Jun 12, 2017
This week is all about games featuring skateboards. Matt eats a coupon which is... not what coupons are for in Wonder Boy Returns. Cody makes and e... more
A Hellplace for Shit Food
Stuff Weekly! - A Hellplace for Shit Food
New Show | Ep330 | Jun 06, 2017
In episode 330: Cody has a disgusting health experience and thinks Bourbon Street is overrated, Matt is destroyed by a water balloon, Nikki spoke a... more
Larry Bird Is a White Mage
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Larry Bird Is a White Mage
New Show | Ep109 | Jun 01, 2017
This week: Kemco Games. Cody gets balls in his face in Snoopy Magic Show. Nikki is the ultimate klutz in Kid Klown's Krazy Chase. And Matt takes on... more
George Bush Doesn't Care About Podcast Hosts
Stuff Weekly! - George Bush Doesn't Care About Podcast Hosts
New Show | Ep329 | May 24, 2017
In episode 329: Cody is gone and other stuff happens. Frankly I didn't listen to it yet. I bet it's good and full of cody bashing.
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Archived News Blog
Ydoc Nameloc
Old Podcasts
2012-08-14 | by: Ydoc Nameloc
It appears episodes of Stuff Weekly and This Week in the Apocalypse uploaded prior to June 14, 2011 are no longer working due to not wanting to deal with audio only stuff. If more episode start to come down then I will begin finding a new host for the old stuff, but for now you can still download the files using the "audio" link in each of the individual episodes.

Ydoc Nameloc
YNINs Cartridge Blowers Up Early
2012-07-24 | by: Ydoc Nameloc
Heya people! So we have started our new video show Cartridge Blowers and episode one has been generally well liked! Well episode 2 is finished and so that I can start submitting the show to podcast directories, I went ahead and released the show a day early. So go get your video game love on and dive into some first time nostalgia.

YNINs Cartridge Blowers : Episode 2 - BatHulkVerineNeto

Ydoc Nameloc
Podkicker, New Show and More!
2012-06-29 | by: Ydoc Nameloc

Hello folks! It has been a few months since I updated here. So I'm here to tell you what's been going on. First thing is first! We've still been pumping out normal updates, but behind the scenes I've been working out the best way to completely update the site. I will be redesigning everything from the ground up and I want to make sure I choose the perfect option. That said, I know there are a lot of you that like the current design. My hope is to still offer this design and all of the other themes as options. This may or may not be possible, but I'll be doing my best to figure it out. I hope to improve on some features and I will completely eliminate others, though rest assured I will only be eliminating features that saw very little to no use. In the end I hope to have a better, more secure and more robust site with little to no barrier to entry.

Next up we have podcast news. In March we ended Terrible Awful Show and have started work on a new video game focused podcast that will serve as our second show with a visual element. Thus far we have recorded three episodes and the content thus far is something we are very proud of. Unfortunately this is the first show we have done like this and we want to eliminate any and all problems we saw on the live episode of Stuff Weekly!. As of beta episode three, we appear to have figured it out but I happen to be an idiot and screwed up the audio. Luckily this problem is very easy to ensure will never happen again. Once we finally release our first real episode, I will also release the footage of Beta 3 that is actually good.

Lastly, the main way for the non tech-savvy people to subscribe to the shows have been via iTunes, but that has left the Android crowd in the dark. However it appears that we ARE available on the Android Apps Podkicker and OneCast. I don't remember submitting us to said apps, so I don't know HOW we are there...but it happened! My assumption is that they just search the iTunes library, but either way you Android folks appear to have an option.

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