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We Would Like to Assasinate Jean Grey, If Possible
Stuff Weekly! - We Would Like to Assasinate Jean Grey, If Possible
New Show | Ep331 | Jun 13, 2017
In episode 331: We discuss the new Mummy movie (no spoilers), and Nikki has a very scary experience with her dog. We also discuss a school that has... more
Ollie Over the Bum and Get 250 Simba Bux
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Ollie Over the Bum and Get 250 Simba Bux
New Show | Ep110 | Jun 12, 2017
This week is all about games featuring skateboards. Matt eats a coupon which is... not what coupons are for in Wonder Boy Returns. Cody makes and e... more
A Hellplace for Shit Food
Stuff Weekly! - A Hellplace for Shit Food
New Show | Ep330 | Jun 06, 2017
In episode 330: Cody has a disgusting health experience and thinks Bourbon Street is overrated, Matt is destroyed by a water balloon, Nikki spoke a... more
Larry Bird Is a White Mage
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Larry Bird Is a White Mage
New Show | Ep109 | Jun 01, 2017
This week: Kemco Games. Cody gets balls in his face in Snoopy Magic Show. Nikki is the ultimate klutz in Kid Klown's Krazy Chase. And Matt takes on... more
George Bush Doesn't Care About Podcast Hosts
Stuff Weekly! - George Bush Doesn't Care About Podcast Hosts
New Show | Ep329 | May 24, 2017
In episode 329: Cody is gone and other stuff happens. Frankly I didn't listen to it yet. I bet it's good and full of cody bashing.
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Ydoc Nameloc
April Fools!
2012-04-02 | by: Ydoc Nameloc

Okay folks! April Fools day is over so the site has reverted back to its normal style. Things may have gone back, but if you really liked the April Fools can now have that be your theme all the time! As with all holiday themes, they can be applied year round to keep YNIN looking like you would like. All you have to do is the following:

Log in to your account
Click on "profile"
Click on "edit profile"
Navigate to the "extra details" tab
Choose the theme you want to have
Click the "update" button

Also, if you missed it and want to see the account the way it was complete with fake ads, blog posts and twitter box simply CLICK HERE.

While the site may be back to normal, we have a special April 1, 2012 edition of Stuff Weekly up and ready for download now! Simply CLICK HERE to enjoy as we try something...a little different.

Ydoc Nameloc
Terrible Awful End, Return to a Weekly Quiz Schedule, and Site Design
2012-03-27 | by: Ydoc Nameloc

Hello my minions! I mean...friends? Just a quick post to let everyone know what has been going on lately. Firstly we shall touch on the quizzes. They have been updating only once every other week for about a month now, but that was just for while Amby was on vacation/working it up in Florida. However, despite all that Amby is back now and you can currently take her first quiz since her return and see if you would survive the Hunger Games.

Next up, let us talk podcasts for a moment. Stuff Weekly! is still going strong and has just gotten past its 100th episode! This means that with the release of episode 101, we are now only three episodes away from doing this for two full years and have already provided you with over six full days worth of content over the course of our four shows. That said, March 28th will mark the end of Terrible Awful Show. We recently sat down and determined that despite our attempts to turn it into something substantial, it just was not working. While we had episodes we were proud of, most of them were below the level that we had wanted for it...that, combined with the fact that it is a pretty huge amount of work to put together, just made us come to the conclusion that it is time to stop. So we picked the segments that have worked the best in the past and created the best episode to end on. You can check that out on Wednesday. After that keep checking back because we are more than excited to release the show that will our TAS replacement. I will officially announce details following the filming of the pilot next week.

Lastly, we have full site news! I'm working on complete site overhaul. While I love the look we currently have, it has been here for two years and it is time for a change. If you disagree, well the current idea is to allow you to choose between the two just as you can choose between the default and holiday designs already. With this design change will come a change in features. Some features have been essentially unused since we started and will be removed completely while we add new features and enhance others. I also hope to make the barrier to communication smaller so that you can interact with and comment on things without an account that previously required one. I just have to come up with the best solution that also keeps spam and abuse to a minimum.

That is all! Now, feel free to go about your day!

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