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We Can't Even Cheat Our Way to a Faster Game
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Stuff Weekly! - Hiring Weed Jortman
New Show | Ep333 | Jul 04, 2017
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Ydoc Nameloc
Strange Site Issues
2012-01-27 | by: Ydoc Nameloc
So a couple of weeks ago, the host that we use had a massive server meltdown that YNIN happened to be stored on. Luckily they had an off-server backup of the site and put us back up on a completely different server. So things are technically up and running again, but some people are still having problems getting to the site or, in some instances, just parts of the site. As far as I can tell, this is because something cached in your system is still trying to point you to a server that no longer hosts our site. The remedy for this appears to be flushing your DNS cache as well as your temporary internet files followed by a reboot of your system. THAT seems to work. In some instances it only works for a little while before messing up again in which you'll need to repeat the process until whatever straggler info is deleted naturally.

Links to Fix This
Flushing your DNS cache
Clearing your browser cache/temp files

Amber Leigh
2012-01-27 | by: Amber Leigh
Would like everyone to know that this little site problem has been annoying the crap out of me! Now that I can get to the page, here is the quiz I have been meaning to add for weeks.

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