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Ydoc Nameloc

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Ydoc Nameloc
Username : Schala
Age : 32
Joined On : 2010-03-24
Last Seen : 2017-09-25
Likes : Roleplaying, reading, games
Dislikes : Twilight. Blaargh.
Description : I love to do forum roleplay and play World of Warcraft. I used to be mod for the roleplay section of YNI's old forum, then I was promoted to Global mod, and eventually Admin. I have many wonderful, fond memories of Ydoc and his forums. And my old friend Phoenix. ^^
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Question KingHalloween 2011Question SnobHalloweenieQuestion DevourerQuestion LoverQuestion ClickerEarly Adopter

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Well holy cheese, look who it is! I'm glad you found us again!

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 13:19pm | #53 |

Dear has been ages since I've seen the name YNI. Happy to see it back! Hopefully it will be as entertaining and prosperous as it was back in the days when I was forum Admin.

Posted by Schala on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 20:28pm | #51 |

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