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Grandpa's Cheesesteak Wish
Stuff Weekly! - Grandpa's Cheesesteak Wish
New Show | Ep349 | Nov 21, 2017
In episode 349: We discuss Matt and his attempts to win a sandwich, a murder is committed on the Orient Express, KFC tries a bunch of stupid crap t... more
Here's My Backpack! Let's Go Die in the Woods Together
Stuff Weekly! - Here's My Backpack! Let's Go Die in the Woods Together
New Show | Ep348 | Nov 11, 2017
In episode 348: We talk about what toys would be raptured, Matt has a hell sickness, and Nikki starts Parks and Rec. We also discuss a man who gets... more
Now His Skin is for Me to Wear
YNINs Cartridge Blowers - Now His Skin is for Me to Wear
New Show | Ep119 | Nov 10, 2017
YNIN has a Caveman Week! Nikki chucks rocks as Chuck Rock in Chuck Rock! Matt hits a person with a big hunk of meat and then plays a video game whe... more
New Show | Ep347 | Nov 07, 2017
In episode 347: We discuss Thor 3, Osama Bin Laden has the weirdest hard drive contents, An alarm clock gets stuck in a wall for 13 years, a lady l... more
Plus or Minus a Couple of Cupfuckers
Stuff Weekly! - Plus or Minus a Couple of Cupfuckers
New Show | Ep346 | Nov 04, 2017
In episode 346: Cody is gone again, so the other three hosts get to play around. There are probably some stories that they went over but they did n... more
Blog Archive
Ydoc Nameloc
YNIN Has a New Comic Book Show
2016-04-18 | by: Ydoc Nameloc

Hey guys! So It's been 2 years since the last blog update. That's not too horribly long, right? Typing words is hard and takes forever.

Anyway, I wanted to take a small moment to let you know you should listen to our awesome new show headed by Matt Ryan called Event Fatigue. This new podcast sees the normal Stuff Weekly! hosts plus newcomer Brook Denison-Coleman discuss a new comic book event series every month. Think of it as a normal book club but with comic books instead. Additionally you'll get a good dose of the history behind the Event's creation.

That's pretty much it! Enjoy!

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The forums are down...I miss them.

Posted by Schala on Monday, 09.25.17 @ 08:26am | #109 |

Hiii, it's spikeyobebop from the original forum many, many years ago. I got to feeling nostalgic again and wished to look up everyone. Glad to see yni is still kicking :) I met so many new friends there.

Posted by redmagemimequeen on Sunday, 06.5.16 @ 17:30pm | #108 |

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